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Diffuse Nebulae

Diffuse nebulae are vast clouds of gas that are gravitationally collapsing and forming stars. Massive stars radiate ultraviolet light, which causes hydrogen gas to fluoresce red. Bluish nebulae contain dust grains that reflect the light of bright stars. Magenta nebulae are both fluorescing and reflecting. Orange nebulae fluoresce the red light of hydrogen plus the teal light of oxygen.

Click any small image below to see larger view and description.

IC 4628

NGC 6188

NGC 6726

IC 2948

NGC 3532

Eta Carinae

Barnard 86

IC 410

Swan Nebula

NGC 2174

M42 & Meteors

Bubble Nebula

NGC 7822

Barnard's Loop


M42 & Horsehead

Orion Nebulae

Witch Head

California Nebula

Rosette Nebula

N. A. Nebula

Seagull Nebula

Seagull Nebula

Lagoon & Trifid

NGC 6559

IC 1396

Running Man

Eagle Nebula

M16 & M17

Trifid Nebula

Cocoon Nebula

Lagoon Nebula

Horsehead Nebula

NGC 281

Central Cygnus

Orion's Sword

Cone Nebula

Heart & Soul 130

Heart & Soul 85

Heart Nebula

NGC 6604

Cat's Paw Nebula

Cat's Paw

NGC 6357

Central Auriga

IC 4628

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